News Update: North Korea Reportedly Joins Facebook

News Update: North Korea Reportedly Joins Facebook
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”zRoZIi1NmdQ” title=”News Update: North Korea Reportedly Joins Facebook” upload_time=”2010-08-20T14:07:34.000Z” description=”The AP reports that North Korea may have added Facebook to its roster of other social networking sites in an effort to mount ‘its propaganda war against South” duration=”PT1M30S”]
The AP reports that North Korea may have added Facebook to its roster of other social networking sites in an effort to mount “its propaganda war against South Korea and the U.S.” The AP reports that the account was opened late Thursday under the Korean username “uriminzokkiri.” An official at South Korea’s Communications Standards Commission said on Friday that this translates to “on our own as a nation.” The Commission had blocked North Korea’s Twitter account from being accessed in the South, and just hours later the Facebook account was opened. The Commission stated through officials that the Twitter account was blocked because it contained information “that is illegal under South Korean security laws.” The Twitter account went under the name uriminzok. The AP reports that this means “our nation” in Korean. Posting only 30 tweets in the week it was up, the account gained over 8,500 followers. Tweets linked to reports that praised North Korean leader Kim Jong II. The Facebook account carries as its profile picture an image of the Three Charters for National Reunification Memorial Tower. According to the official Korean Central News Agency, this is a monument in Pyongyang that “reflects the strong will of the 70 million Korean people to achieve the reunification of the country with their concerted effort.” As of Friday, the Facebook account had 50 friends.

28 thoughts on “News Update: North Korea Reportedly Joins Facebook

  1. jamesjames900 Reply

    @LeninistStalinMarx id love to see which computer you use to type that
    message. a mac book pro? really anti capitalist. 

  2. Asatru55 Reply

    @LeninistStalinMarx For you, everything bad in the world is “Capitalism”.
    Marxism is a totalitarian idea which wants to destroy every other idea or
    thought. Everyone of those millions and millions of people that died only
    died because of Marx’ totalitarian ideas. “Capitalism” in this case is
    nothing more than hundreds of different ideas which had sometimes better
    and sometimes worse effects.

  3. CoxertheGreat Reply

    @LeninistStalinMarx I think you need to read up on what Capitalism means.
    Don’t get me wrong, all these thing you’ve listed are “bad” things, and
    potentially economically driven. But they aren’t the effects of capitalism.
    To highlight the point, Mid twentieth century Fascism has nothing to do
    with Capitalism.

  4. Asatru55 Reply

    @LeninistStalinMarx Uh..yea. And every marxist government in every
    country…EVER were outlawing every opposing party too.

  5. Asatru55 Reply

    @LeninistStalinMarx Under national socialist rule, MARXISTS were imprisoned
    (Not killed.. just essentially the same thing as the gulags only in more
    humane conditions.) Theres a difference between a Socialist who wants to
    unify the people and the nation under one goal for the greater good of his
    kind and a MARXIST who is a disgusting materialist just like capitalists
    who wants to destroy all ancient nations, cultures and spirituality for an
    economic and social experiment.

  6. CoxertheGreat Reply

    @LeninistStalinMarx Kleptocracy and Capitalism aren’t the same thing, you
    make the assumption that Capitalism has an undertone of corruption
    inherently. Look at some modern African dictatorships with no mainstream
    political agenda who embezzle their countries funds and make no attempt to
    create further wealth. Also, Lenin’s involvement in the New Economic Plan
    was to allow privatization in order to further economic expansion i.e
    capitalism. Was he “a kleptocrat”? 

  7. Valentin “Vally” Dachtler Reply

    Killed citizens (by regime forces; war victims not encounted) under
    democratic capitalist regimes (fore example U.S.A., France, Great Britain)
    from 1900 to 2011: 0; Nobody; Zero; Not even one citizen Killed citizens
    (by regime forces; war victims not encounted) under communistic regimes
    (for example China, USSR, North Korea, North Vietnam, Kuba) from 1900 to
    2011: China: 200.000.000 people starved, 7.000.000 were killed during Mao’s
    cultural revolution, the UN estimates that about 25.000 dissid

  8. SuperGetitgotitgood Reply

    i just saw KIM JUNG IL’s facebook status.. Im currently decomposing while
    bin ladin, Hitler, Saddam and myself are being soddomized by mountain goats
    in hell.

  9. Sean Machado Reply

    @BigLouieLittlePhilly Looks like you’re the only one who seems to think

  10. CNVideos Reply

    I guess NK must have mistaken Facebook for a “socialist” networking site.

  11. Claudio Simas Reply

    When does she start to take her top off? Oh wait… This isn’t naked news,
    is it?

  12. gxbmb Reply

    @SMGJohn oh is that how u see it… What about arpanet?… the backbone
    from which ALL this was constructed…. which btw was completely american

  13. Northkorean kp (DPRK) Reply

    thank you for your video, as we see and hear that the south, do not want us
    to have Facebook or any kind of connections with us the DPRK

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